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Consider This Trendy Update for Maximum Curb Appeal

by Annie Chavarria 04/10/2019

According to Remodeling Magazine’s latest Cost vs. Value Report, ditching some of your home’s vinyl siding for concrete stone veneer nearly pays for itself. Comparing average project cost of about $8900 versus the increased selling price of almost $8500, homes with this single upgrade netted close to ninety-five percent return on their investment. 

Compared to other upgrades and renovations such as bathroom remodels and major kitchen overhauls that only net about a 65 percent return, this simple upgrade is a game changer in many sales markets.

What is concrete stone veneer?

This manufactured product has the look of natural stone with various coloration and striation. Made from Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and using iron oxide for pigmentation, the cultured stone casts or molds replicate stone texture. Variations in depth, length, and width, within each slab, give the appearance of hand-cut stone pieces in easy to install sections.

Builders find it installs easier than the natural stone which lowers installation costs, and its fire rating is Class A, so it works for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces too. Some stone veneers are specially treated for use near pools and other moisture-prone areas, so let the dealer know where you intend to install it so that you get the proper finish on your stone.

Should you do it?

As with any “average” ROI, doing your homework ensures that it is the best installation for you. In California, Oregon, and Washington, for example, the return in the Remodeling report showed an increase of about $1000 above the original price. So, if you live in one of the Pacific coast states, it may go a long way. On the Atlantic coast, though, your ROI is closer to seventy-nine percent, so you may recoup about two thousand less than you spend for this upgrade. 

If you intend to upgrade your home for the sheer enjoyment of living there and you love the natural stone look, then, by all means, give your home a new façade. Choose a stone combination that complements the existing siding color and lap size and enhances the architectural features of your home.

Your professional real estate agent knows what is trending in your area, though, so make a point to see advice before embarking on a remodel or upgrade only to find that you may lose money on the deal.

About the Author

Annie Chavarria

Annie is a real estate broker and owner of Vivendi Group, Inc., a residential real estate brokerage firm. As a real estate professional, Annie is a trusted adviser with extensive experience as a broker in California and former broker in Texas. 

Providing excellent customer service, with honesty and integrity are her main goals, and as a result she has been recognized as a five-star realtor She works with a broad range of clients, from first-time home buyers to move-up buyers, investors and home sellers.

In addition to her real estate expertise, Annie brings a wealth of business experience to her clients from a 25 + year management career as a Human Resources professional in various industries. Her most recent HR position was with an HR and employment law consulting firm where she was employed as the VP and Senior HR Consultant. In that capacity, Annie was a strategic business partner to companies that ranged from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and bridged the gap between their HR problems and solutions.

Annie serves in a real estate board of directors, as well as in an advisory board and various committees at non-profit organizations that offer community and educational services.