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Your Place in the World

by Annie Chavarria 04/07/2019

Ego, Latin for “I,” in other words, self. The part that makes up your psyche, or how you see yourself. It is that sense of who you are that you carry through your life. History has long wondered if ego is an ingrained part of your DNA; something you are born with. There is a general regard today; however that your environment has a tremendous amount of influence on your self-image or self-esteem. What you think of yourself and how you relate to the world around you, have everything to do with your ego. 

Your Place in This World

The environment you lived in while you were young, dependent on others to provide for you the basics for a living was not in your control. The home you lived in, the clothes you wore and even the school and activities you were involved in were, for the most part, dictated to you. Often those circumstances provided you with a sense of who was, good or bad. You may have developed a healthy self-image that afforded you the skills and abilities to take on challenges and problem solve with little effort. Or you may have experienced adverse situations that left you with a feeling of lack and insecurities. What you carry into your life as an adult can significantly influence your life decisions. 

Carve Out Your Own Place

As you move out into the world and more of your decisions rest only on you to make, the crossroads of how you see yourself appears. Here is where you choose to allow your current self-image to continue to be shaped and molded by your past. Or, you can recognize the opportunity to become the most significant influence in your own life. Who you surround yourself with can help or hurt you in this process. Be aware of how others influence your self-esteem. What you watch and listen to has a tremendous effect on how you process information, form opinions and express emotions. As the old computer saying goes “garbage in, garbage out.” You determine what’s garbage, based on what outcome you desire. You want a healthy, positive ego; then be aware of what gives you positive mental information, thoughts, and emotions. 

This week make a point to spend some time with someone who brings out the best of you

About the Author

Annie Chavarria

Annie is a real estate broker and owner of Vivendi Group, Inc., a residential real estate brokerage firm. As a real estate professional, Annie is a trusted adviser with extensive experience as a broker in California and former broker in Texas. 

Providing excellent customer service, with honesty and integrity are her main goals, and as a result she has been recognized as a five-star realtor She works with a broad range of clients, from first-time home buyers to move-up buyers, investors and home sellers.

In addition to her real estate expertise, Annie brings a wealth of business experience to her clients from a 25 + year management career as a Human Resources professional in various industries. Her most recent HR position was with an HR and employment law consulting firm where she was employed as the VP and Senior HR Consultant. In that capacity, Annie was a strategic business partner to companies that ranged from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and bridged the gap between their HR problems and solutions.

Annie serves in a real estate board of directors, as well as in an advisory board and various committees at non-profit organizations that offer community and educational services.