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Build a Better Habit

by Annie Chavarria 03/31/2019

The road to a healthy self-image is not always a forward moving journey. At times you may have to take a step or two backward to gain perspective on an area of struggle. To take even one thought and replace it with one that helps you carry forward, is a victory. Life is hard enough out there without your own brain working against you too. Shaping the voice, you hear most often, your internal voice provides the opportunity to live out a healthier mental journey. 

What You Think is What You Get

How you see yourself affects not only how you interact with the world around you, but how the world reacts to you. The things you tell yourself cause you to grab, or pass, what life has to offer. Beliefs about your abilities or your worthiness can lead you down paths that build up your self-image or have you running away. Unlike magnets that need the opposite charges to attach, an internal voice that is negative actually attracts more negative thoughts resulting in a less than favorable outlook on life. Whereas, the positive self-talk and affirmations build self-confidence that the outside world responses to often, in kind.

Gaining Some Perspective

When you catch yourself coloring your world with the darkest of colors, elevate the contents of what you are telling yourself. Often these messages are based on a negative experience or learned response. Sometimes asking yourself may not be the best way to identify these thought patterns. You may need the perspective of a trusted friend or family member. Seeking out a mental health professional can lead to helpful insights that you may not have been aware of before. Once you have identified unhealthy thought patterns, you are now able to replace those with a tone and message that can help you see life differently. 

Build a Better Habit

Putting a new tone to your inner voice will take effort and practice. You may want to write out some of those new messages to have them handy when you need to reinforce the new way of talking to yourself. You can also print out those things that keep you focused on where you desire this new perspective to take you. Steering your mental attitude when life throws you a curveball is a curial aspect of building a healthy inner voice. 

 Try this; put up an affirmation where you can see it several times during the day and encourage your inner voice along the way.

About the Author

Annie Chavarria

Annie is a real estate broker and owner of Vivendi Group, Inc., a residential real estate brokerage firm. As a real estate professional, Annie is a trusted adviser with extensive experience as a broker in California and former broker in Texas. 

Providing excellent customer service, with honesty and integrity are her main goals, and as a result she has been recognized as a five-star realtor She works with a broad range of clients, from first-time home buyers to move-up buyers, investors and home sellers.

In addition to her real estate expertise, Annie brings a wealth of business experience to her clients from a 25 + year management career as a Human Resources professional in various industries. Her most recent HR position was with an HR and employment law consulting firm where she was employed as the VP and Senior HR Consultant. In that capacity, Annie was a strategic business partner to companies that ranged from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and bridged the gap between their HR problems and solutions.

Annie serves in a real estate board of directors, as well as in an advisory board and various committees at non-profit organizations that offer community and educational services.